Cutthorpe to Cape Wrath

My Latest Dream

Preface & Disclaimer

This memoir is just another volume in a series I began in response to the diaspora of relations and friends around the globe.

Distance has killed the tradition of relating stories at the fireside. Modern technology should allow us, at least in theory, to tell our tales in video conferences, though in practice that experience would be devoid of the warmth that flows from direct human contact. Recording the voice and face of a narrator is certainly feasible, but I’m more writer than presenter, so writing is what I’ve done.

This isn’t simply a report on where I walked: it tells how I felt before and during the first part of my adventure. It certainly isn’t a guide book, though anyone who refers to Ordnance Survey maps will soon figure out all the significant details of my route. The planning, and the hike as far as Edinburgh, were spread across five months. The writing has covered a similar span. I still have hundreds of miles ahead of me. Goodness knows if I’ll ever finish what began as a daydream, let alone write it up. Maybe what matters most is not so much the finishing, rather the taking part.

Pete Stott
November 2009
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