Team & Task

Alec is a friend from schooldays. He lives in Australia. In thirty-eight years we’ve met twice and spent less than forty-eight hours together.

I have no recollection of Alec ever refusing a beer or being the first to suggest we leave a bar. We went through secondary school together, camped and hiked with the scouts, walked and stayed in hostels with the youth club. Our academic paths diverged when he pursued mathematics and I preferred the arts. We went to different universities, attended each other’s weddings, and after that we lost touch. We renewed contact through Friends Reunited and met in Australia in 2004 and in England in 2005.

Martin is the brother of Alec’s wife. He lives about twenty miles from me, but our only pre-tour contact is a brief phone call.

Bill knows the others from the Annapurna Circuit. He is Australian. We’ve never met.

Mont Blanc has only once been in my sights, and that was on the day in 1966 when England won the World Cup. There’s going to be a lot that’s new to me on this tour!

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